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This live online course was created as part of the Ownership Challenge Program at Fresh Community Development Inc. Having a network is an essential key to increasing your net worth. The Ownership Challenge Network is an offer for anyone that already owns a home and would like to acquire investment properties to make that HGTV money. The rising real estate costs means rising rental revenues this year for landholders. We can't control the wave of the property rise but you can participate in the profits related to becoming a property landholder. We save you the time, frustration, and guesswork because we already have the funding relationships in place to make sure you have a smooth process to help you acquire land and property.
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These books are the core materials used and discussed during this course.  The first book Acid Reflux: How to Stomach This Economy was created during the pandemic to address the need to increase more real estate investors in the community. There is a significant amount of people that watch HGTV and realize that they can fix and flip too, they can buy, renovate, and rent too! Yes! You can! You can own a real estate portfolio for profit too. The second book The Color of Homeownership: Increasing Wealth in Black and Brown Communities is the follow-up story written mid-pandemic 2021. One of the major reasons this book came into play is because we read 2020 data that was telling us that black and brown communities are renting. But black and brown communities are not purchasing and owning land or property.  The wealth gap between the have and the have nots is the information they have access to.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Ownership Challenge Membership Welcome

    • Ownership Challenge Network Welcome

    • The Ownership Challenge Program Onboarding and Included Services

    • Ownership Challenge Network Survey

  • 2

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #1

    • Meeting #1 Homework

  • 3

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #2

    • Meeting #2 Homework

  • 4

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #3

    • Meeting #3 Homework

  • 5

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #4

    • Meeting #4 Homework

  • 6

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #5

    • Meeting #5 Homework

  • 7

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #6

    • Meeting #6 Homework

  • 8

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #7

    • Meeting #7 Homework

  • 9

    Ownership Challenge Network Meeting #8

    • Meeting #8 Homework

  • 10

    Exit to Elevate

    • Read Assigned Book and Take Test Using Passcode in the back of the book.

    • QUIZ: Personal & Professional Development

    • Before you go...

Meet Your Instructor

Lifestyle Engineer

Dr. Tori Brown

Dr. Brown holds an AA and BA degree in psychology and African-American studies, a master’s degree in school counseling and education and a PHD in psychology. Her personal experiences combined with the knowledge and skills she has garnered along the journey drives her mission to help people living below the poverty line start and grow six-figure companies. She recalls losing everything three times before her own personal shift and contributes much of her financial comeback to the knowledge and resources acquired from bookstores–a pivotal point in her journey and inspiration for creating Fresh Docs Inc., a family of companies actively helping ordinary people start and fund extraordinary businesses and Success Lockdown, a real estate investing platform and education company.

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • This course will save you time, frustration, and guesswork

  • We include corporation development and filing fee

  • Access to monthly webinars with various real estate professionals

  • Once a month 1 on 1 access to Dr. Tori Brown

  • Ownership Challenge Network material and Assessments (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Ownership Challenge Network Assessments (Strengthsfinder)

  • Access to Asset Development and Professional Growth Membership Team

  • Network access to property and purchasing process (Agent/Title)

  • Access to funding processes

  • Secure financing for land and/or property

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