The Stop Renting and Start Mortgage course was created as a way to efficiently create home buying exposure to a renting population of families. As we truly do understand why so many people are renting as opposed to buying a home. There are so many barriers that prevent homeownership that inadvertently prevent wealth accumulation in certain ethnic groups and families. There is a division between the have and the have-nots. Just as there is a division between the renters and the owners. We designed this course with the entry of introducing information that will highlight ownership and the journey to building a higher net worth.

The book referenced in this course is The Color of Homeownership: Increasing wealth in black and brown communities. This course is providing you some strategic tools for exploring options for increasing your net worth and asset development.

Course Highlights

Meet Your Instructor

Lifestyle Engineer

Dr. Tori Brown

Dr. Brown holds an AA and BA degree in psychology and African-American studies, a master’s degree in school counseling and education and a PHD in psychology. Her personal experiences combined with the knowledge and skills she has garnered along the journey drives her mission to help people living below the poverty line start and grow six-figure companies. She recalls losing everything three times before her own personal shift and contributes much of her financial comeback to the knowledge and resources acquired from bookstores–a pivotal point in her journey and inspiration for creating Fresh Docs Inc., a family of companies actively helping ordinary people start and fund extraordinary businesses and Success Lockdown, a real estate investing platform and education company.

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • Free Information regarding the home buying process

  • Course is short and to the point

  • Learn how to get ready for ownership

  • Exploring asset development

  • Offer to enroll in a home buying program

  • Resources for personal and professional development

  • Increasing your personal net worth